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Welcome to FSR!

So... I've never done this before. Blogging...

We're gonna figure this out together!

My name is Quinn Jimenez and I've been making music for the past 10... 12... ...20 years or something. Music has always been a big part of my life. Since I was a kid, I've always been fascinated with how people can come together and create out of thin air. Once I started learning how to play music, I started learning the fundnemantals to how to write music. Later on, I wanted to start learning how to capture it and, eventually, make it "listenable" lol.

I started small. My dad's acoustic guitar, his old beaten up laptop, and GarageBand. I would record into the computer microphone and wait for the fan to turn off so I could get a clean recording (hopefully). Later on, my aunt helped me get a mic and an audio interface, both of which I still have!

Nowadays, my setup has become a little more complicated, a little more streamllined, and a little more pricey! That is never my reason to get something, by the way. Most of my stuff was either left at my house, given to me, or purchased cheap at a Goodwill probably. Everything in my studio has a story and a purpose for me, as I think it should.

Through this blog, I'm going to share some behind the scenes pictures, videos, and some info that I've learned through different experiences as a musician, engineer, and producer.

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