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The Duodecuple Constancy: Episode 3

This last weekend, me and my friend, Travis, got 10 other friends together to make some music! It was an exhausting day but at the end everyone got together and listened back on what we did.

Let me back up though...

We didn't write anything before we got there. EVERYTHING was done that day, moments before we hit record. I had a group of 6, Travis had 6, and we switched some people around in the middle of the day. We had a basic structure but most of it was left up to us for interpretation. Some things sounded great, others not so much. There were glitches and headphone amps weren't working, some songs we completely junked and came up with a new one! But it's ok because at the end of the day, we had 12 songs from 12 guys.

I just got back home and my studio is an absolute mess so I haven't listened back on anything since that night. From what we all remember though, we had fun and the songs weren't half bad. Some were actually really great! I'll be sharing my progress as I go through them and maybe even some rough demos later on so stick tight for those.

Here are some picture of everyone and a little view of how some spaces were set up!

12 guys are Tristian Paez, Aaron Florendo, Travis Young, Sam Seguuin, Kyle Hoffer, Jared Murray, Jacob Garza, Mario Rodriguez, Quinn Jimenez, Alex Zuniga, Andy Wimberly, and Cy Thigpen

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