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Pappy Vanderback

The Dark Horse

Pappy Vanderback, the band, led by Luke Calderon, is undoubtedly an incredibly unique artist working alongside Fifth Sun Records. Genre spilling, steady vibes, and very groove-able music is his specialty. Luke is constantly diving into new music, searching for new sounds and inspiration to draw from in his well crafted tunes.

In the debut album, 'Weaponize An Animal', Luke wrote, recorded, produced, mixed, and engineered the whole album, except for one cover of Tyler The Creator's "See You Again", which is another amazing track on the record. Definitely give that one a special listen.

He pays homage to all of these many genres, fused in a melting pot of harmony and rhythm, while still maintaining a new feel.

If you haven't already, check out the album on every streaming platform at the link below or even buy a copy in the store! Anything you do supports the work of our little Local Record Label!